The Beginning

Hi there! I want to start this blog off with some background about who we are, as people and as a family. Currently, we are a family of three living in our newly purchased home with our very special dog Nellie and little guinea pig Chickpea. We are working towards finding a balance between the things we have to be doing and the things we want to be doing – life right.

A year ago we welcomed our very clever, very cute and very horrible sleeper of a daughter into the world. For some silly reason when I was pregnant I was focused on the birth and did not put much thought into life with a child. I figured it would be just like life pre-child but with a child….right? Well, this may have been a bit of an oversight. Having worked with children for most of my adult life I was ready for the playing on the floor, baby talk and getting messy (I have no problem getting dirty!) but navigating parenting with someone else who has their own ideas, ways of doing things and priorities has proven to be a bit difficult.

Two years ago, Nathan and I were newlyweds blissfully gallivanting around Portugal after pulling off a beautifully inexpensive wedding in the woods behind an off-grid cabin we were renting. We had been living in this little cabin for over a year when we decided to get married in our backyard, which happened to be a ski hill. We DIY’ed our way into married life. Making everything from the food, decor, the benches people sat on and the pickles they brought home. Naturally being avid thrifters we purchased my dress and Nathan’s suit at a thrift shop with a 30% off coupon.

Our Wedding Day – September 18,2016

Three years ago, I came across Nathan’s online dating profile. I had seen Nathan around before as he worked at one of my favourite vintage clothing shops. I had actually sold the bulk of my wardrobe there to make money for my move from Ottawa to Vancouver. After spending a few months living and working in East Van, I set out to see more of BC. I ended up driving to the furthest tip of Vancouver Island – Cape Scott and slowly made my way to the Okanagan Valley to pick cherries – eventually returning to Ottawa.

In 2014 I was back in Ottawa and ready to date. I landed on Nathan’s profile. After a few messages back and forth I knew there was some potential there. We eventually met up at a very loud arcade bar where it was apparent that we had good chemistry. We started seeing more and more of each other and our love for late nights, forest adventures and good food blossomed. Now here we are despising late nights, trying to navigate camping trips with a baby and eating meals around the dinner table with a new member in our clan.

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Our first family road trip to Montréal.

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